Princess Promenade

Our ward held its annual Daddy Daughter Date. Madeleine had been looking forward to this ever since the last one! It’s a fun opportunity for the girls to get all dressed up and spend some special one-on-one time with their dads (or other significant man in their life).

We have cute pics of all the girls but of course our own daughter decides to unknowingly pull a face. This is the look she gives when she knows you are trying to get her to smile for a photograph. She tilts her head, half smiles, and stares into space. I tried a few times but this is the best I got. Nice. I decided I had lots of other cute pictures of her and her dad so I didn’t hold up the line any longer and moved on to the next girl.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

They played Pin the Shoe on Cinderella and raced in high heels, made a wand (it was so funny to see all the grown men concentrating so hard on making them!), learned a fairy dance, ate treats, and danced some more. Madeleine tried very hard to do the dance just how they were taught but the other girls were more interested in just running and twirling. She got a little frustrated since it was a dance to be done in pairs.

The table decorations were so fun. Each was themed around a specific princess. Between all us leaders, we had enough princess paraphernalia to pull it off!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The girls had a grand time so we dub the night a success!

If your daughter attended the event, you can see more pictures here and download them at will.

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