Camping near Bear Lake

Most years since I can remember the Snow Family has been camping near bear lake and spending some good time at the beach. We got together with my parents and my sister’s family for an overnighter in August. We like to stay in a particular loop of a particular campground but I’ll hold back that information unless you really, really, really want to know. We started out hanging around and Nate played some cards with his grandpa.

Playing cards

The girls took time to enjoy the wonders of nature and also dirt.

A brief moment to relax.

Cara really enjoys peanut butter!

Cara fell off the table at one point and landed face first on the ground. Poor girl.

A few more of Cara being pure cute.

Three cousins during a perfect moment. These pass so quickly.

Marshmallow Time!! Dang I am so good.

Fires are my favorite.

A couple more at the beach the next day. My Julie in her cute hat!

Here is a video of Madeleine describing her creation. Link to HD Video.

Here is an absolutely priceless video of Cara doing some wonderful cooking. Link to HD Video

Here is the slideshow from the entire trip set to some excellent Sleeping at Last tunes. Link to HD Video.

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