Music of the House

We are music people here. Thank GOODNESS Rob felt it necessary to build up a surround sound system for his birthday and Christmas over the last few years. It’s hard for any of us to even listen to anything without all the various speakers turned on, usually very loud. There isn’t much point in going to the movies anymore because watching them at home is almost just as good. We have a big tv, but I wouldn’t mind an even bigger one to match the sound. Someday…

Here’s the music that has been playing at our house lately.

Caroline loves: Anything by The Chipettes and the Caillou theme song.

Madeleine loves: Princess music, theme to Angelina Ballerina, and classical ballet music.

Nate loves: Anything we have a music video of, which isn’t much. Dave Matthews Band “Funny the Way It Is”, and The Airborne Toxic Event song “Numb” and many Def Leppard songs.

Julie: Clarensau album Until Our Lungs Give but especially the song “Love”, Sleeping at Last especially Yearbook: January and February, and Dave Matthews Band’s new single “Mercy”.

Rob: So many…Here goes. Minus the Bear’s album Infinity Overhead coming out tomorrow, Dave Matthews Band album Away from the World coming out 9/11, the last two White Rabbits albums Milk Famous and It’s Frightening, and Young the Giant In the Open sessions.

And I can’t forget the song our whole family rocks out to over and over again, “Africa” remade by Reliant K. The funny thing is that I listened to the original over and over again when I was young. I never thought I’d still be singing it at the top of my lungs with my husband and three children so many years later. So fun!!

You should click on some of the above recommended songs and albums. But only if you like great music 😉

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