Nathan Version 6.5

Here are some things about Nate that I don’t want to forget.


He loves to ride his bike and play outside with his friends. He will do it all day every day if I didn’t make him come inside every once in a while. The other evening they were at the park have a bike-skidding and obstacle competition. He came in all excited that he did well and was ready for the next day when they were going to be having the grand finale. He and his friends searched high and low for a bike ramp to use. He loves “drifting” his bike and jumping off curbs. Fun stuff for a six-year-old boy!!

photo (7)

He doesn’t like having his hair spiked. It has to be flat. This last Sunday he decided he wanted to look cool and put it spikey. I thought he looked awesome and said so while walking into church. He immediately began to feel self-conscious. Halfway through Sacrament meeting he asked to use the restroom. A few minutes later he walked back in, all the way down the aisle, shirt and head soaking wet. He told me he didn’t like his hair so he made it go flat again. Rob and I had a hard time not busting up laughing in his face. I had to pull him close into me so he wouldn’t see me.

The other morning Nate was telling me he wants to be either a paleontologist or an America Ninja Warrior. He just couldn’t decide! He asked me the hours that a paleontologist worked and if they are done in time to go home for dinner. Then he asked if I would take his kids to the museum and watch and wave at him through the glass. Then he said America Ninja Warriors probably have more fun, though. Decisions, decisions!

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Nate seems to be advanced in his schooling. The homework from Kindergarten was always way too easy for him. Over the summer I’ve been giving him mid-1st grade stuff to work on and it still comes quite easily, mostly. He does, however, get frustrated and teary-eyed when something is a little harder than he thinks it should be for him. If it isn’t super easy or is something that he has to concentrate on, he gets stressed. Hmmm. I believe that’s exactly how I was all through college.

He is such a big help to me. He is a cleaner. His dad taught him how to properly clean a bathroom and he will do it without complaining. If Madeleine is falling behind while we are out, he urges her to keep up with us. He can entertain Caroline to no end and will appease Madeleine’s playing wishes without complaining.

photo (6) 

The other morning I came into the family room to find him working out with a large can of pork & beans to blaring Bon Jovi. When that got too easy for him he switched to two large vinegar bottles.

He hates potatoes more than just about anything.

 photo (5)

Our whole family loves our Nate!

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