California Vacay: Manhattan Beach

After two crazy fun days at the amusement parks, we were happy to have some low key beach days.


I LOVE Manhattan Beach. The whole town surrounding the area is perfection. Beautiful, quaint beachfront houses, boutiques, restaurants, clean streets and sand, and sun. What more could one ask for?
Okay, well it wasn’t very warm, but that didn’t deter us too much.
Here’s a video of Nate in the water. A little later on he fell in and was somewhat upset about the whole thing.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


Rob and I had brought Nate here when he was only 6 months old and we knew we’d come back some day. Last time I ate an AMAZING chicken parm sub and I was determined to have another. Ohhhh, good!!


This is the first time at the ocean for the kids (besides baby Nate) and they really thought it was great. Just look at their faces!


My dad’s cousin lives 5 minutes from the beach and had graciously agreed to let us stay with him and his wife. My dad decided to take a mini vacation and fly in and stayed with Danny while we were there so it was one big house full of fun! The kids were a little nervous at first, staying with people they had never met, but once they saw my dad they felt much better. That night we ate dinner with my dad and the Kieffers and then relaxed and read before bed. What a nice day!

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