Clifton AZ–Through My Lens Part 1

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

During the month of March I spent a few weeks in the middle of nowhere (near Morenci), AZ in support of a mining engineering project. I drove through this town (Clifton) on my way back and forth from the mine each day. At first I paid no attention to this little town, choosing instead to be jaded from being in this area and annoyed for having to slow down for a few miles. Upon closer inspection I encountered a variety of interesting scenes. However, the town had a washed out and dull feel which was augmented by my loneliness at the time (being away from my family). I edited this collection of photographs to reflect my feelings at the time.

This business must be limited by the size of their front door….

I guess you can get a haircut here. I’m not sure I’d sit in a chair below a person with sharp scissors. There is a sinister look to this place…

This was behind the haircutting place. An alternate set for Helm’s Deep?

Visible from the main road. Seems stable enough right?

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