This last month has been an odd one for us. First, Rob was assigned to work nighters for a couple of weeks. After the kids went to bed, he would head out the door in sub-freezing temperatures to work out on the freeway. His assignment? Oversee grouting underneath I-15 and US-89 in North SL. Then, in the blink of an eye (my eye, at least) he would be home. He’d sit at the table trying to finish his reports and not fall asleep until about 10:30 when he’d head upstairs to sleep in interrupted abundance until 2:30 or so. We’d all enjoy the afternoon together, he’d go back upstairs for an early evening nap, and then leave again. It was a weird schedule, but doable temporarily. It was fun having some extra daytime hours with him.

Then came the assignment for Rob to go to Morenci, AZ for 3 weeks. Rob has worked hard to avoid travelling for work too much. I have worked hard arranging for me and the kids to go with him whenever it’s unavoidable. This time, Rob needed to go and, this time, the family wasn’t able to go with him. Nate has already missed 3 weeks of school while we went to Denver, it is a drive of 13 hours to Morenci (which is basically in the middle-of-nowhere desert of south-eastern Arizona), and we already have a family trip planned for the week after he gets back. So, he was stuck going and we were stuck staying. He did, however, negotiate to be able to come home for a few days in the middle.

Before he left we had a few days together as a family to hang out. Rob and I also went on a really great date to Park City where we shopped and ate dinner. I also wanted to get some portraits together. Our wall has some spots that need filling-in and I decided I wanted another one of us up there. 

The first week he was gone was so busy for me planning a birthday party and all sorts of other to-dos. It went by relatively quickly, even if it was a little stressful.

Then his weekend home came and it was so filled with fun! We celebrated his and Madeleine’s birthdays (post to come later) and just generally enjoyed being together as a family.

Now he’s gone again. But, he says the work is going quickly and he is hoping to come home a few days early, so that’s fantastic! The kids and I sure miss him. His happy-go-lucky spirit is such a joy to have here.

I’m so grateful for the technology now that enables us to communicate so readily with each other. He and Caroline even shared some chips together over FaceTime (video chat app). Nate prays every day that his dad won’t get bit by a rattlesnake or fire ants or get stung by a black scorpion. Madeleine misses wrestling with him.

Rob, I love you!! So much!

           Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug 

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