Butterfly Pavilion

While in Denver the second time, I decided to splurge a little and pay for me and the kids to go to the Butterfly Pavilion north of town. We had recently checked-out Fancy Nancy and the Butterfly Birthday from the library and I really thought Madeleine would LOVE being surrounded by beautiful, fluttering butterflies. Wrong. She didn’t like it one bit. All those creepy, flying bugs threatening to land on her was not her idea of fun. She kept begging to leave. I forced her to stay in there with the rest of us while we got our fill. I did, afterall, just drive for 45 minutes and pay $20 to go.






A pretty, white butterfly landed on the ground next to Caroline. While I was trying to get a picture, I realized this meant certain death to the poor little thing. Now I know why there is “No Touching!”.




Tropical flora definitely not indigenous to Colorado.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


They also have a few aquariums with upside-down jellyfish and a huge starfish. This thing was about 2 feet across.



They also have an insect exhibit. We all refused to hold the tarantella, but Nate stroked the cockroach. Gross!


After the inside exhibits, we played outside in the nature-y area. Those pictures will be posted another day. As cool as it was, I’m not convinced it was worth the money. If Madeleine would have enjoyed herself like I thought she would have, than maybe. Oh, well.

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