Chase Squirrels, Climb Stairs, and Hang on a Cannon

We just got back from another trip to Denver, but here is our last post regarding our previous trip.

Our last evening we decided to give downtown another try. We stopped by the capitol building and the kids had a blast chasing the squirrels that have infested the grounds. The kids loved spotting them, screaming at them, and then chasing them up the trees. We could’ve spent a lot more time doing this, but there were some squirrel-loving homeless people hanging about who didn’t appreciate the cruelty the kids were imposing on trash-eating rodents.

Madeleine caught a big squirrelly one!


We headed up the stairs of the capitol building for the sole purpose of mom getting a family pic on the One Mile Above Sea Level step. Rob just had to put his foot in front of the engraving. Oh, well.


The sun was getting low and the light was nice and warm and beautiful.


Like daughter like mother.


The kids climbed all over the cannons on display. Luckily, there weren’t any cannon-loving homeless people hanging about.
We would’ve gotten in trouble for sure.


Nate said he did this so his butt would get shot to smithereens.

We then walked through Larimer Square with its streets lined with un-kid-friendly swanky restaurants. Rob and I really wished we could just sit ourselves down at any of the outdoor patios and order something delicious but we trudged on to find something suitable for less refined palates. We ended up at Ling & Louie’s. It was so, so good! We probably wouldn’t have normally taken the kids there, but I’d heard good things about it, it was practically empty so the kids couldn’t disturb many patrons, and I really wanted some asian food. The kids shared a bento box with chopsticks, which was really cool. So cool, that they ate more of it than they would have had it just come on plates with forks. Rob and I ate well, but the dessert we ordered was to die for. It was the Banana Caramel Spring Roll (a decadent spring roll filled with banana cheesecake and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Served with fresh strawberries, caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream). Now, I don’t really like banana all that much, but this was amazing. We ooohed and awwwed our way through the decadence with pure pleasure. I hear they are opening a Ling & Louie’s in SLC in the future and we couldn’t be happier.


Thanks for coming along this trip to Denver with us! And much thanks to Rob for being willing to drag his crazy wife and kids along with him on his business trip. He could’ve easily gone alone and enjoyed some serious relaxation time but he loves us too much. Plus, he knows that would just tick me off Winking smile

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