Georgetown & Golden

While in Colorado we took a day trip to Georgetown. It was super cold and windy, but the little mountain town was still cute. We got there just in time for the tail end of their Fall Festival. That’s okay. It was too cold to stay long anyway.



I looked in some antique shops while the kids drew with chalk and Rob took pics.



We then took the old road to Golden, Colorado. It’s such a beautiful drive next to a river through the mountains. It had warmed up by then so we were able to walk around the town a little more. The kids loved the riverside walking path.
Nate’s favorite souvenirs are rocks. Mine too! They’re cheap…or maybe that’s me…


The kids had MORE fun playing on this bike rack than just about anything else.
Is Nate a boy or what? These pics just make me cringe a little. Haha.


We have so much fun as a family just exploring. It’s one thing I’ll remember the most about this time in our life; too broke to spend much money on activities, but having the best time walking and playing and seeing together.

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