Halloween Day

We had a great Halloween this year in our new neighborhood. It was very kid-friendly and our kids are finally at the age where they totally get the idea of trick-or-treating. We had so much fun!

Nate decided to be Optimus Prime. He had fun at his first Halloween parade and party at school.


Madeleine wanted to be Rapunzel. The wigs in the store were pricey and just weren’t long enough for her liking. I decided to make one out of 2 bolts of yarn and a little ribbon. I had a heck of a time cutting and braiding. It took a couple of hours and a lot of patience unknotting the big ball of strands after Madeleine got a hold of it. Was it worth it? Well, maybe not to me. But to her? For sure.



Caroline was Alice in Wonderland…minus the black headband she refused to leave on. She’s adorable!


They each got a big stash of candy that Rob and I are not-so-slowly devouring. Yikes! We’re worse than the kids!

We hope you all had as good of a Halloween as we did.

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