Reunion 2011

Bob, Gail, Jess, Kelly, Nate, Caroline, Julie, Madeleine, Rob, Breanna, Benjamin, Joseph, Gene.


The original Snows.  Julie Connors, Jeanette Snow, LaVern Snow, Wendy Kunzler, Stacy Snow, Bob Snow


Nate really wanted to call the Bingo numbers this year. Everyone was a good sport an gave him a chance. Boy, did he prove himself! He knew every double digit number thrown at him. Smarty pants. The video is kind of long, but you only have to see the first little bit to get an idea.


Pinata time, the best time. Nate figured out the best way to get the most candy. Stinker.


Madeleine’s stash. She’s so happy.


More Snow family pictures and videos here.

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