An Interview with the Kiddos

What is you favorite food?

NATE: Mac n cheese, pizza, dino nuggets, beans n wieners
MADELEINE: Sandwiches

What is your favorite game to play with each other?

NATE: cars
MADELEINE: wrestling, Batmunk

What chore do you dislike the most?

NATE: Cleaning up toys ‘cause there are lots of toys.

What is your favorite song?

NATE: Battleforce 5 and Anberlin, Animal Kingdom, and Gomez
MADELEINE: A Child of God

Where is your favorite place to go with mom?

NATE: Carnival and Boondocks and McDonald’s
MADELEINE: Jungle Jim’s

What is your favorite thing about our new house?

NATE: I like making new friends.

What makes you so mad?

NATE: When we get stuck in traffic jams.
MADELEINE: Taking puppets (stuffed animals) away from me.

What do you like most about Caroline?

NATE: Kissing her.
MADELEINE: Playing with her.

What has been your favorite vacation that we’ve been on?

NATE: When we visited Grandma Maria.
MADELEINE: Going to Jordin’s house (in Murray).

What pet do you want?

NATE: I don’t know yet. (He’s been studying the animal encyclopedia trying to decide.)
MADELEINE: A cow, just like my puppet.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

NATE: Rock Star
MADELEINE: A cash register store.

What super power do you want?

NATE: For I can get cool punches.
MADELEINE: The power of wind.

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