From my Phone

I used to think having a camera on a phone was dumb. Why would I ever need one at a moment’s notice? Well, having children = needing a camera spontaneously. Here are some of the photos and videos I have collected over the past few months.

This was actually taken by a friend after she made them pirates. These are Nate’s friends at Legacy Village Townhomes. They are (top left) Tyler, Bryson, Brooks (bottom left) Dylan, Andon, Nate.

Pirate Nate and His Mates

Photo01 . Photo0024

At the zoo on a preschool field trip. Isaac, Abby, Nate, Madeleine, AJ, Owen.



At the firestation.

Photo0038  Photo0163. 

A denim rag quilt I made when I thought I was having a boy.Photo0165 Photo0166 Photo0289 Photo0334

I also have many videos from my phone. I’ll put those in another post sometime.

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