So Long. Farewell.

There are many reasons we are excited to move. These reasons include being closer to our family, closer to work, and buying a new home with a backyard. We’ve known this day was coming since the day we moved in. We knew it would be a five-year venture here. But those 5 years have brought so many friends and happy memories which makes it hard to leave our home here. Some of the milestones we’ve passed while in Layton are:

  • A son growing up from 6 months old to 5 years old and having 2 beautiful daughters born into our family.
  • Our oldest 2 children learned to walk and talk and all three have become *perfect* little individuals.
  • Rob got a job with URS, a great company he will probably be at forever.
  • Rob and I graduated with our Bachelor’s Degree and Rob earned his Master’s Degree and Professional Engineer Certification.
  • We’ve had various ward callings such as Primary Music Leader, Cub Master, and Organ Accompanist for me and Elder’s Quorum Teacher, Elder’s Quorum Secretary and Young Men’s President for Rob. Rob has especially enjoyed his calling with the young men. He was nervous going into it but it changed rapidly into joy. He loved getting to know these boys and they will be who he’s going to miss most.

We love our ward friends and we love our other Layton friends. Please continue to check our blog and please keep in touch. We’ll miss you.

Love, The Snow Family

2 thoughts on “So Long. Farewell.

  1. We'll miss you too-good luck with the new adventure that awaits you guys. What fun it will be to be closer to family and work.

  2. We're really going to miss you too! Isaac will especially miss Nate. Good luck with your new ward and home! It has been so fun getting to know you guys.

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