Birthday. Boys. Balloons.

Nate turned 5 years old in December. Awesome. Since December is about the craziest time of the year to have a birthday party, we held it a few weeks early and just had a few of his ward friends come over to the clubhouse where we played silly, super creative and complex games that I came up with myself. They included “Throw Socks Rolled Into Balls at Each Other” and “Hit Each Other with Balloons”.  I would go into detail as to how each of these games are played, but they’re just too complicated to get into right now. Then we had cupcakes and played with the toys he received. Success!!

A cute picture his friend Dylan gave him.

Then since his cousins all live in West Jordan/Taylorsville we had a separate party that was just as highly involved. We went to McDonald’s to play in the playland and had ice cream (not even Happy Meals) with just the two cousins his age. Once again, success!! Please don’t think down on me for throwing such awesome parties.

Thanks, everyone, for all his gifts. He’s had such a blast with every single one of them.

Nathan, I’m so proud of you. You’re the best son and brother in the whole world. Your dad, sisters, and I love you VERY much!!


These videos are pretty funny and show how much the boys loved the balloon game. We could hardly get them to stop!

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