T-Day 2010

Well, New Year’s just ended which means it’s time to post Thanksgiving…





Me and Caroline with my Grandma Clark.



Approximately 1/3 of the grandkids on the Raines’ side.








Justin helping himself to the ale…I mean…juice on tap.






Allen enjoying his cup.










Racheal opening her treasure.



Nate and Maddie


Grandma Williams with Caroline.



Kelly with Jess and MoMo.

More family pictures here.

One thought on “T-Day 2010

  1. Cammie looks so happy. The children are all so beautiful and where did Jordin get those big beautiful blue eyes? Whose
    sons are Chase, Justin and Jacob? Is Jacob a kind of “don't care guy?” How old are the two Grandmas? Do I have them
    beat? It's not much fun getting old. I will be 82 in three months. I am wishing everyone much happiness thru the years.
    How is little Caroline doing? I am thinking of her a lot. Love, Grandma Maria.

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