Where Am I?



What the….?

I was driving through Ogden the other day after taking the kids to Farr’s Ice Cream Shop (I was trying to get Caroline to sleep) when I came upon this scene.

First thought: Am I in a third-world country?

Second thought: Really? Granted, this is Ogden. But, really?

Third thought: This is SO CRAZY COOL!!! I HAVE to get a picture!!!

So I flipped my car around, drove into the parking lot, and snapped these two pictures with my phone. It seriously cheered up my whole day (even more than the ice cream). Thanks, bizarre scene from a horror movie!

3 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. What happened was that some people didn't pay so they threw them out. Then, since it already looked like such a mess they
    decided to renovate the place. . . . . . . that's what happened.

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