8+ Years of Love and Songs

Julie and I have been married for 8 years now. What an amazing ride it has been and next year promises to be no exception. I love her so much and decided that a fun way to show my love for her was to make a modern version of a mix tape.

Julie has given so much meaning and joy to my live. Julie makes it fun! Julie makes me laugh. Julie surprises me when I least expect it. She gives me adventure and helps fuel my passions.

Some of you may know how much I like music.  Mix a little music with my Julie and well….you’ve got something wonderful!  When I hear these songs I think of my sweet Julie.  I hope you enjoy the music.  These are my heartsongs. 

You can listen to almost the entire list on grooveshark. Unfortunately not all of them were available on grooveshark. The song names and some favorite lyrics are listed below in no particular order. Click on a song name and you should start to hear it. All these songs will be put on a playlist on Julie’s iPod.

Julie, I love you more than life!  Here’s to a lifetime and beyond together!

Someone Like You – Van Morrison

I’ve been searching a long time, For someone exactly like you. I’ve been travelling all around the world, Waiting for you to come through. Someone like you makes it, All worth while. Someone like you keeps me satisfied. Someone exactly Like you.

I Just Needed You to Know – Mae

Do you remember driving home that night? We sang our favorite songs along the radio. And it was heaven being by your side; we made the most of every chance we had alone. And now I just needed you to know. This life is ours for worse, for better. And these dreams we dream along together. Cause’ this world is ours to share forever. And everything i do, will be because of you …yeah everything.

Rhythm of Love – Plain White T’s

My head is stuck in the clouds, She begs me to come down. Says “Boy quit foolin’ around.” I told her I love the view from up here, The warm sun and wind in my ear. We’ll watch the world from above, As it turns to the rhythm of love. We may only have tonight, But till the morning sun you’re mine all mine. Play the Music low and sway to the rhythm of love. My heart beats like a drum, A guitar string to the strum, A beautiful song to be sung.

Just Let Go – Mae

Wet your eyes with me, just for a while, I’ll take you out of harm’s way, And like these branches that shelter the rain, We can lay here in our own shade.

Savannah – Relient K

Yet I know you’ll be there cause you’ll know I’ll want you to be there. And we’ll say hello as you’re smiling in love, And we’ll sigh so relieved I believe because we will both know by tonight we’ll feel normal again. But until then… Baby, I spent my life wondering, Wondering when I’d find you. I searched for all these years and now you’re right here. I need you to know that everything makes sense when you’re with me.

A Melody, The Memory – Mae

Is that your song I hear playing? Cause I’m feeling it too. Does it take all direction, all control over you? When you sing do you slip away? Back to that place in your mind? Let our love be the one thing you won’t leave behind. Rewind and play, Time to go backwards again. I’m moved by the way All the notes in time make the melody. Hold me and sway into the moment we share Where we can stay so attached to the memory.

How I long just to hold you, And see you let go as we dance. I know you’re reminiscing through our romance. Can you hear the piano and the pulse of the drums? Does the tune and the groove bring you back to our love? Oh, come and find it Honey!

In The Music – Trashcan Sinatras

naked to the world i came, naked i will leave, shadow fall behind me, sunlight up ahead, i fill the in between. naked to your love i climb, naked i succeed, you hold me in your arms, i’ll hold you in mine, we’ll fill the in between. with the music, that we make in love, in the music, we rise above.

A Plain Morning – Dashboard Confessional

It’s colder than it ought to be in March and I still got a day or two ahead of me till I’ll be heading home, into your arms again. And the people here are asking after you. It doesn’t make it easier. It doesn’t make it easier to be away. I’d like to hire a plane. I’d see you in the morning, when the day is fresh. I’m coming home again. Coming home again. When the day is fresh, I’m coming home again.

Angel / Better Together – Jack Johnson

I’ve got an angel, She doesn’t wear any wings. She wears a heart that can melt my own, She wears a smile that can make me wanna sing. She gives me presents With her presence alone. She gives me everything I could wish for, She gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home. She can make angels. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. You gotta be careful when you’ve got good love, Cause the angels will just keep on multiplying. But you’re so busy changing the world. Just one smile can change all of mine. We share the same soul!

Hey Julie – Fountains of Wayne

Hours on the phone making pointless calls. I got a desk full of paper that means nothing at all. Sometimes I catch myself staring into space, Counting down the hours ’til I get to see your face.

Breakdown – Mae

So take care what you wish for It may come true But the September sky how I whispered ‘I love you’ but I couldn’t take it any longer No I couldn’t stand But the night brought sparks And the sparks brought flames And you had to be sure This wasn’t one of those games, But I’m gonna show you.

I Was Brought to My Senses – Sting

I walked out this morning, It was like a veil had been removed from before my eyes. For the first time I saw the work of heaven, In the line where the hills had been married to the sky. And all around me Every blade of singing grass, Was calling out your name And that our love would always last. And inside every turning leaf Is the pattern of an older tree; The shape of our future, The shape of all our history.

The Nearness of You – Norah Jones

It’s not the pale moon that excites me, That thrills and delights me, oh no. It’s just the nearness of you. It isn’t your sweet conversation, That brings this sensation, oh no. It’s just the nearness of you. When you’re in my arms and I feel you so close to me. All my wildest dreams come true. I need no soft lights to enchant me, If you’ll only grant me the right To hold you ever so tight, And to feel in the night the nearness of you.

Love’s Divine – Seal

I need love, love’s divine. Please forgive me now I see that I’ve been blind. Give me love, love is what I need to help me know my name.

Je t’aimais, Je t’aime, et Je t’aimerais – Francis Cabrel

Le monde a tellement de regrets, Tellement de choses qu’on promet, Une seule pour laquelle je suis fait. Je t’aimais, je t’aime et je t’aimerai. Quoi que tu fasses, L’amour est partout où tu regardes. Dans les moindres recoins de l’espace, Dans le moindre rêve où tu t’attardes, L’amour comme s’il en pleuvait, Nu sur les galets.

Love Love Love – As Tall As Lions

Love, Love Love. After some time, it’s something I find true. Love’s not a grave, it won’t decay on you.

Petite Marie – Francis Cabrel

Petite Marie, je parle de toi Parce qu’avec ta petite voix Tes petites manies, tu as versé sur ma vie Des milliers de roses Petite furie, je me bats pour toi Pour que dans dix mille ans de ça On se retrouve à l’abri, sous un ciel aussi joli Que des milliers de roses

You and Me – The Cranberries

Aahh, you and me will always be. You and me Forever be, Eternally will always be. You and me.

Secret – Seal

Well I belong to you, I belong to you. I belong to you, And you belong to me.

You & Me – Dave Matthews Band

Want to pack your bags something small, take what you need & we disappear. Without a trace, we’ll be gone, gone. The moon & the stars follow the car & then when we get to the ocean, we’re going to take a boat to the end of the world… all the way to the end of the world. oh and when the kids are old enough we gonna teach them to flyyyyyyy…

Broken – Jack Johnson

I didn’t know what I was looking for, So I didn’t know what I’d find. I didn’t know what I was missing, I guess you’ve been just a little too kind. And if I find just what I need I’ll put a little peace in my mind. Maybe you’ve been looking too, Or maybe you don’t even need to try. Without you I was broken
But I’d rather be broke down with you by my side.

Release Me – Mae

grey clouds they infiltrate as every move you make gets me closer to clarity while droplet drummers lead a complex beat increase in speed somehow accompanies our intensities at first this cloud burst is pulling us under lightning and thunder rain falls and you take me under and flood my soul.

The Gift – Angels & Airwaves

And suddenly You’ve done it all. You won me over In no time at all. And now I’ll stop the storm if it rains, I’ll light a path far from here, I’ll make your fear melt away, And the world we know disappear.

Marry Me – Train

Together can never be close enough for me to Feel like I am close enough to you. You’ll wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you And you’re beautiful. Now that the wait is over, And love and has finally shown her my way… Marry me, Today and every day.

Dare4Distance – Never Shout Never

But we’re both just waitin’ for this Friday night.

Belle / Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

Can’t you see that it’s just raining, Ain’t no need to go outside… But baby, you hardly even notice when I try to show you this song is meant to keep ya
From doing what you’re supposed to like waking up too early. Maybe we can sleep in; I’ll make you banana pancakes; Pretend like it’s the weekend now.

La Fille qui m’accompagne – Francis Cabrel

Elle sait les îles auxquelles je pense, Et l’autre moitié de mes délires. Elle sait déjà qu’entre elle et moi, Plus y’a d’espace et moins je respire

Just Like Heaven – The Cure

“Show me how you do that trick, The one that makes me scream,” she said. “The one that makes me laugh,” she said. And threw her arms around my neck. “Show me how you do it, And I promise you I promise that I’ll run away with you, I’ll run away with you.”

Crush – Dave Matthews Band

To each other, well be facing. My love, my love, well beat back the pain we’ve found. You know, I mean to tell you all the things I’ve been thinking, deep inside my Friend. With each moment the more I love you. Crush me, come on, baby. So much you have, given love, that I would give you back again and again.

 I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it. I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted. I fell right through the cracks Now I’m trying to get back Before the cool done run out. I’ll be giving it my bestest, And nothing’s going to stop me but divine intervention. I reckon it’s again my turn to win some or learn some I won’t hesitate no more, no more. It cannot wait, I’m yours

Lucky – Jason Mraz

Do you hear me, I’m talking to you, across the water across the deep blue ocean. Under the open sky, oh my, baby I’m trying. Boy I hear you in my dreams, I feel your whisper across the sea. I keep you with me in my heart, You make it easier when life gets hard. I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend, Lucky to have been where I have been, Lucky to be coming home again.

Already In – Jon McLaughlin

It’s you to me, Your gentle face; Overdue, but worth the wait. And out of my reach, But I’m reaching out for you. Me to the night I say goodbye cuz The time is up, I fight the time. A needed a war I can’t afford; A finished song, One more cord. And it’s already in my mind,  I’m in over my head inside, And it’s already in my mind. Inside

Everything – Lifehouse

Find Me Here. Speak To Me. I want to feel you. I need to hear you. You are the light that’s leading me, To the place where I find peace again. How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you? Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

La Vie En Rose – Louis Armstrong

Hold me close and hold me fast, The magic spell you cast. This is la vie en rose. When you kiss me heaven sighs, And tho I close my eyes, I see la vie en rose. When you press me to your heart, I’m in a world apart, A world where roses bloom. And when you speak…angels sing from above. Everyday words seem…to turn into love songs. Give your heart and soul to me, And life will always be, La vie en rose.

Lay Down – O.A.R.

There was time now it’s far away. I didn’t know you, but I knew your name. We would talk, I got nothing to say, But hear me now. You’re like an angel that is just for me. Bless your heart, let your mind go free. And it’s too loud on the Earth today, So let’s go home and lay down. Rest here in my arms, now lay down, lay down, the universe is ours, lay down.

When We Dance – Sting

If I could break down these walls, And shout my name at heaven’s gate. I’d take these hands And I’d destroy the dark machineries of fate. Cathedrals are broken, Heaven’s no longer above, And hellfire’s a promise away. I’d still be saying I’m still in love. Come and live with me, We’ll have children of our own. I would love you more than life, If you’ll come and be my wife. When we dance, angels will run and hide their wings.

2 thoughts on “8+ Years of Love and Songs

  1. What a perfect idea! Everyone loves a good mixed tape. Many of these songs have special meanings to us (first dance as husband and wife, etc). This truly makes me smile. I love you!!

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