The House Loses

In the game of life and motherhood, my house is the loser. Taking care of 3 kids under 5 years old takes up just about every minute of my time. So if you happen to stop by, please excuse the mess…and smell…

Poopy diapers galore!!! I change one about every 6 minutes.

Also, please excuse my unkempt self. Said poopy diapers keep me from getting too glamorous. I’m lucky when I can get clothes on by 11am. I have 17 minutes to go and I only have my top half dressed for the day. But I know as soon as I put down this little bundle of joy she’ll start having a fit and I might only have time to put in my contacts. It’s literally a race against time.

On your mark, get set, GO!!!

2 thoughts on “The House Loses

  1. Julie, it looks like you need a little bit of help. Got any good friends there, a grandma or two? How is the littlest baby
    doing? Love, Maria.

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