Julie’s Maternity Portraits

Before our extended stay in St. George we went out to the Great Salt Lake Wetlands Preserve for some maternity portraits of our own Julianna! The kids were off running wild with some friends (thanks Penn and Kiersten) so we were able to focus, have fun, and get some great shots.  The light was excellent so we went natural light for these first 3 images.  I am awe struck with Julie’s beauty!  She is graceful, strong, and totally sexy. Am I a lucky guy or what?

For the rest of the images we turned around and used the sun as a backlight. We had a single SB-600 in a 45” umbrella on full power to rock these images.  We were going for a dreamy look. I’d say we nailed it.  🙂




4 thoughts on “Julie’s Maternity Portraits

  1. Hey Rob i love the photos. Where did you get the umbrella for your Sb600? I've been thinking about getting one.

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