Our R&R Week

This last week has been so great. There has been a lot of rest and relaxation. We’ve enjoyed plenty of unstructured family time and far fewer distractions than we have at home. Here are some of the things that have made this last week cool.

  • I haven’t gotten out of my pjs until noon every day. YAY!
  • Dish Network. This is a treat because we haven’t had cable in about 4 years. We haven’t even had a tv for almost 6 months!!! I’ve been catching up on HGTV and What Not to Wear. Rob has been enjoying all the 80s and 90s movies he grew up with. Nate has been enjoying watching a myriad of sports. Both kids love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Tom & Jerry.
  • There is a great, very private backyard full of rocks that the kids enjoy every morning (it’s too hot in the afternoon).
  • Xbox. Nate’s only played on a gaming system 2 or 3 times before so he loves practicing his racing. It makes me dizzy watching him, though. Too much swerving on the car’s part and his!
  • We have hardly any toys here so Madeleine has kept herself quite entertained with a shoelace and a box for the last 4 days. Oh, to be imaginative! It’s great watching her.
  • From the house we’ve seen a large lizard just as curious about us as we were him, a rabbit, two roadrunners, and two cockroaches.
  • I’ve had time to actually work on our baby’s denim rag quilt.
  • We went to church yesterday and the kids did a fabulous job going to their new classes. One of the teachers told us that we have a very smart son. We agree 🙂
  • We visited Pine Valley (pictures coming later) and the temple.
  • Lots of napping!
  • Good reading time.
  • Taking baths in the deep tub.
So that’s what life has been. Pretty nice, huh? We’re really enjoying these simple times.

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