Settled in St. George

We are happily settled into our temporary home in St. George, Utah for the next 2-3 weeks. The house is wonderful, Rob will be done with work early every afternoon (after starting early in the morning), and I have a lot of plans. These plans are very detailed and intricate but include:

Absolutely nothing but RELAXING!!!!!!!!
I’ve been so stressed out due to…well…everything. I am now great with child and have been running around like a crazy person with a plethora of to-dos and various time commitments so now I am going to enjoy these weeks greatly by doing a WHOLE LOTTA’ NOTHIN’.
‘Cause when we get back, we’ll have only 5 weeks ’til go time.

2 thoughts on “Settled in St. George

  1. So you moved to St. George. I had a dear friend and family there but she passed away a few months ago. I do wish you all the happiness in the new home. Love, G.Grandma.

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