There’s still hope for a surprise on my baby’s gender. A friend told me her doctor told her the same things (“Wow! Sure is obvious!”) when she had an ultrasound later in her pregnancy with her daughter. Although, I still think I’m having a boy. I’ve felt that way for months and Nate told me he had a dream that it was a boy, too.

BUT…I don’t want to be ill-prepared with all boy stuff just in case. And I’m quickly approaching the period of gestation where panic of being unprepared sets in. Even though it’s pretty ridiculous because there really isn’t that much to do before the third baby comes, I still get bouts of worry for not having something suitable for the “coming home” outfit, baby blankets, or an idea for a nursery theme.

I have never bought a crib bedding set due to the fact that experts believe only a sheet and a thin bumper pad is safest (plus, they are PRICEY). Instead I have neutral rooms with colorful, personalized accents. So even though we aren’t planning on having a nursery ready until after the baby leaves our room at a couple months old, I’d still like to know what the gender-neutral design theme will be. I shouldn’t be stressing over it because by then I’m pretty sure we’ll know if we have a son or a daughter; therefore, nullifying the need for a gender-neutral theme. But I like the idea anyway for some strange reason. Maybe it’s because I want to make a couple of small blankets and a car seat cover. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to control something.


There aren’t very many neutral themes I dig…at all. Most of them really do seem gender specific. But here are a couple color palettes I’m musing. Once I find out what I’m having, I’ll be able to choose the main color to go with these patterns. 


This is the one I’m leaning towards the most. I’d pull out the orange and yellow for a girl, blue and brown for a boy, or the lighter neutral shades for either.



Below would be less girly and frilly if we have a boy.image


More red for a girl, more blue for a boy. Or just cream for completely neutral.



Below would probably have yellow as the color I pull out. I’m not sure if that would still be more boyish.



What are your thoughts???

5 thoughts on “Gender-Neutral?

  1. First off, I don't know how you wait to find out. I am having my 3rd girl and I still feel like we have so much to do to get ready. I tend to prefer to have everything ready before the baby comes so I don't have to think/worry about it afterward.
    As for your neutral color pallet question, I like the turquoise/orange combo. I don't know about all orange walls, but I like the colors. A hot pink for a girl or bright green for a boy could later be incorporated. Good luck!

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