Status @ 6 Months

-Already got asked tonight if I am having twins.

-Feel like I have a 10 lb bowling ball with limbs sticking out the front of me. Look like it, too.

-Not only do I waddle, but also limp.

-Feel like all the bones in my lower back are disconnected, just floating around in pieces.

-Frequent cramping of my round ligament causes sharp pain in my pelvis. Sometimes this happens when I haven’t even moved.

-Restless leg syndrome at night.

-Uncomfortable to sit straight up because my belly creases and rests right on top of my lap which also causes cramping. Uncomfortable to slouch because of back pain.

-Constant dizziness for hours each morning.

-Never having enough protein.

-Had weird, fading in and out pain above my uterus the other day. I woke up the next morning and felt a strange, narrow, fleshy protrusion horizontally across the same area I was having pain. Gently pushed on it and it went back inside of me.

-Braxton Hicks contractions.

-Have been trying so hard to be surprised with the sex of the baby but the nurse practically gave it away at my last appointment by saying things like, “Whoa. It’s very obvious!” and, “I’ll need a big note to remind me not to tell you!” Grrrrrr!!!!! Now what fun is the surprise??

-Emotional. Pretty much every day.

-Unable to fall asleep until between 1am and 2am every morning.

-Still have a low-lying placenta. Five more weeks for it to move before a c-section is in the plan.

-Stress. Trying to sell a house, needing a new car, wanting to go on a babymoon, and a divorce in the family.

-Feeling guilty all the time for not being as grateful and positively happy as I should be.

-Basically feeling like I have NO control over my body or my life.



There. Consider yourself updated.

2 thoughts on “Status @ 6 Months

  1. I don't know how you can stand all of it and you still have till October. Thinking of you. Love, Maria.

  2. Now that I have an update on how you feel. I need an update on a pic! Sound slike you need a play date, this week. Should we get together, thursday? Do you want to come here? We have a splash park by our house, or the kids can play here.

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