It’s 3:33 AM

The last few days I’ve been sick with a cold. Not just any cold, but a knock-you-out-cold cold. I haven’t been able to do anything at all. Rob’s been so, so great. He’s been with the kids nonstop, cooked, cleaned, and taken care of me. He’s my superhero. Before I got sick I was starting to feel sorry for myself because it seemed everything was harder than it should be. But now, I’m just grateful to be able to see straight, let alone grateful for all of my other blessings. There’s nothing like illness to put things into perspective.

This morning my cough was worse and my belly was sore from all of the jerking so I finally gave in to strong cough syrup. My body doesn’t accept medication lightly AT ALL and this time was no exception. I took 3/4 of a dose and sure enough, a 1/2 hour later I was gone. I slept for two hours and then my head still felt like a hundred pounds. Everything around me swayed. I was like that for the rest of the afternoon. So now I’m awake.

My mind is functioning for the first time since Wednesday and is too active for sleep. It’s going to make for a long day tomorrow. But like I said, I’m just grateful to be able to see straight (and for my ever-precious husband*).

*Side Note: Rob’s always been exceptional at taking care of me when I’ve been sick. Right after we got engaged I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I was a M.E.S.S. Like I said, I don’t take medicine lightly so we’re talking delusion, drooling, down-right depths of neediness and he stayed by my side for days. He fed me, changed my bloody gauze, and hid my pills so I wouldn’t have an accidental overdose. After I was back to my normal self my mom said, “Yep, Julie, you can marry him. I know he will always take care of you.” And he has. Awwwwwwwwwww.

3 thoughts on “It’s 3:33 AM

  1. I am so glad you are feeling better again. This is terrible having such a bad cold. When you talk about Rob it reminds me so much of my older daughter Eleanor. She swears she has the best husband in the world the way he takes care of her. They have been married since 1965 and she still goes on about him. (ha). Julie, take care and don't
    get sick again. Love, Grandma Maria.

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