A Few Blips to Remember

  • When Madeleine doesn’t want to do something, she says, “My too sick.”
  • With 4 months to go, I feel like my hips are crumbling.
  • I got such a lovely feeling watching Rob put together the kids’ bikes last night. Best. Dad. Ever.
  • Rob’s at Youth Conference tonight so I think I’ll take advantage of the situation and take up the entire bed diagonally.
  • I have all these projects swimming around in my head but don’t have the means or energy to do any of them.
  • Last night I sat on the couch with a pillow behind my back. I was aching. I lifted my shirt to check out my belly and found something strange. It was bulging in a hard, bumpy way. Right at the surface under my paper-thin skin. It morphed. The weirdest thing is that it WASN’T the baby!! Internal organs are my only guess since I’m almost positive I have a hernia. Since my skin and muscles are already so stretched, I’m mortified that my baby is going to explode out the front of me before my 9 months is over. Pleasant thought…

On second thought, I don’t think I want to remember most of these blips.

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