Snow Baby 3 Ultrasound

Here is the video from the ultrasound Julie had last week. How exciting! The tech was very careful not to get any views of the sex of the baby on the video; however, if you are particularly knowledgeable in the interpretation of ultrasound images, please don’t comment about the sex.  Thanks and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Snow Baby 3 Ultrasound

  1. so fun! Love the pictures of the kids!! Those chairs are perfect! The pictures you put on your house blog are really great too. Realestate agents should hire you to do that for there clients. (it helps that your house is cute too- but still) Let me know when you are movie bound next. kelli

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how that grainy image you see, is a real baby! YOUR baby! I'm excited for you guys!

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