I’m Healed!

I’ve been having headaches almost daily for maybe a couple of months now. I’ve blamed pregnancy hormones, which could still be partly true. But at the same time I also had a terribly stiff neck and shoulders, especially in the mornings after waking up. Rob had to give me daily massages (not complaining about that!) but it was just getting so frustrating.


A few weeks ago I mentioned that as much as I love sinking my head into a big, soft pillow at night, maybe I need to try one of those contour pillows to see if it helps. Last week Rob had to run to Walmart and out of the blue picked me up just a cheap memory foam contour pillow to try and see if it helps. I woke up the next morning with NO stiffness in my neck and shoulders and I haven’t had any since which translates into NO headaches!!! WOW!!

A few details:

  • I usually toss and turn at night, but since getting the pillow I’ve noticed I only roll over once or twice.
  • This particular pillow is small. It’s probably too small for someone who isn’t petite. I have seen other brands in bigger sizes, though.
  • It’s also the cheapest one you can buy (since it was an experiment). Sometime we’ll invest in a more expensive brand. But for now it’s working just fine.
  • We also have a memory foam pad on our mattress so I haven’t tried the pillow on a firm mattress.

If you’ve had the same tension headache issues I had, try a memory foam contour pillow and see if it helps. It was TOTALLY worth the 15 bucks!

One thought on “I’m Healed!

  1. Julie, thanks for that post. I think I will have to try this pillow. My shoulders & neck are always stiff when I get up. Thanks.

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