My Tape Gun Makes Me Miserable

…and other things that annoy…by Julie

  • The constant headache that follows me around every day.
  • The fact that I have to tell Rob “I actually did clean today” because by the time he gets home everything is a mess again. I remember my mom complaining about this when I was young.
  • We’re too busy to go on a day trip I have planned.
  • Every morning until about noon I get lightheaded and dizzy every time I stand up. The blood rushes to my head like I just got spun around in a bucket.
  • I can NEVER find a pen. I remember my mom always complaining about this, too.
  • I don’t sleep very well, especially while pregnant. This makes me…
  • CONSTANTLY tired. Even more annoying when I have some free time but am too tired to do anything fun.
  • The tray extender on the printer always gets pushed in so whenever I print something, it falls to the floor. Extra points when the document is 20 pages.
  • Kids sitting on or pushing their elbows into my belly.
  • When I think I’m going to have some quiet time when Nate goes outside to play but then Madeleine wakes up and wants to go outside, too.
  • Forgetting to defrost/rise/prep dinner before 5:30pm.
  • Smelling whatever is in Nate’s toilet that he forgot to flush.
  • No new episodes of my favorite shows.

Reading back on past posts, I’ve noticed that most of my “annoyance” posts occur when I’m pregnant. Coincidence, I’m sure.

2 thoughts on “My Tape Gun Makes Me Miserable

  1. I totally get this. And I hate people who wont just let us hate stuff cuz life is 500 times harder when your pregnant.

    When I was pregnant with Audrey I got so mad at Jon once, and then I apologized while explaining that I was just so IRRITATE ABLE….and I said it like that.

    And curse people who leave stuff int he toilet- regardless of age, that is a crime punishable by public flogging.

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