You’re 2, Maddie Gail!

This week is Madeleine’s 2nd birthday. I’ll do another post later with all her party fun, but I just love this little girl so much!! Here are just a few of the reasons.

  • She is strong. She will seriously be able to accomplish whatever she wants, which will probably be a lot. She doesn’t like help; she wants to do everything herself and she doesn’t even second guess the fact that she can. She doesn’t let anyone push her around. She can stand up for herself.
  • At the same time, she’s a sweetheart. She loves giving hugs and sitting on my lap. Her brother is her very best friend and they play splendidly together.
  • She’s like me in the fact that she doesn’t like crowds or commotion. She’s like her dad in the fact that she’d eat nothing but fruit if I let her. 
  • She’s smart. She knows how to count from 1-13 (excluding 4) and knows a bunch of letters. I wish I could take credit, but I think she just learns so much from observation (another trait of mine).
  • The hair on top of her head is perfectly straight but she has ringlets in the back. She’s going to hate it when she’s older, but it’s pretty cute now.
  • She’s not that girly. She’s not into princess stuff. I think this makes her really cool. Her favorite movie, music, and characters are Disney’s Chip ‘n Dale. She always chooses blue over pink. She always chooses simple barrettes over flowers or bows. I’m not overly girly either, so that’s great with me!! 

Madeleine is such an integral part of our family and we just love her like crazy. Happy Birthday!!

3 thoughts on “You’re 2, Maddie Gail!

  1. . . . . . and you forgot one thing about Madeleine, she already has a heart of gold. When you left she
    turned to me and said, “come, come,” a few words she knew. She wanted me to come along with
    you to go home. I told her that I live here, pointing to the house and she seemed to understand. I
    think she is a very bright little girl and she will do just fine growing up. I love her.

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