Hardware Ranch

Hardware Ranch is located in Cache County up a small canyon near Logan/Hyrum and is one of a few reserves around the west for elk to weather each winter.  Several hundred elk come every winter to eat, urinate, and defecate;  at least that is what my son saw and to be honest I didn’t see much else going on either.  We decided to leave the SLR at home and go low-tech using the media features of our phones.

The visitors center had some interesting displays including skins, pelts, skulls, and bones of elk and other various critters common in the area. The main attraction was a sleigh-ride among the elk.  Julie and I had a long discussion about the difference between a sleigh and a wagon.  We are pretty sure that we didn’t see any sleighs and just glorified wagons.  However, the horses used to pull the wagons were enormous!  I’m not very comfortable around large animals such as horses and the shear size of these horses was staggering.


After leaving the ranch we stopped at the Hyrum City Museum which was actually quite entertaining with its completely random assortment of artifacts.  We got the VIP treatment with one of the curators walking around with us describing the displays and even demonstrating them for the kids.  A display of dentist equipment was particularly disturbing…..

I (Rob) have some family living in Logan so we stopped in to visit until our reservation at Le Nonne. Logan is synonymous with great food and ambiance since my cousins own and operate that restaurant.  Nate thinks it is awesome that the chef of the “best macaroni and cheese ever” comes out to talk and visit with us.   

We’ve included a few pictures and videos of our queuing excitement and wagon-ride adventures.  If you like kids jumping around and discussions of pee and poop then check out the media on our website!

4 thoughts on “Hardware Ranch

  1. This must have been a very interesting trip. I remember that we had the same field of elks way outside of Roseburg, Oregon where we lived. People always stopped and looked and we did too, of course. But who are the funny looking people next to the foto of the elks?

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