Jules’ Jewels

Okay, so I (Julie) wouldn’t exactly say I have jewels. I’ve never owned anything large or flashy, nor have I ever wanted to. Every time I’ve tried on something like that I feel overwhelmed instead of enhanced. But I do have a few small pieces of jewelry that have some good sentimental value to them.  

The other day I got the itch to shoot and decided to use my jewelry against different textures around my house. When I started editing them I decided to go for a hyper-warm, 70’s vintage-y feel for most of them. I wanted to bring out the texture, wood grain and glowing light.


Rob gave me these silver earring for Christmas this year. They add just the right amount of *sparkle*.


My Grandma Clark was getting rid of a bunch of her jewelry and her granddaughters got to go through it and choose what we wanted. I chose these two red and gold medallions and put them on a chain I already owned. I have no idea the story behind them (I really wish I did) but I just think they look SO cool.


These three silver rings I bought in Mexico when I went there with a friend when I was 19 years old. Lots of fun…and interesting…stories from that trip 😉 !!


These ruby and diamond studs were a gift from my Grandma Clark (along with a ring that is in my safe deposit box).


My mom gave this diamond necklace to me for my wedding day. She knows my taste so well!


A watch I gave Rob for Christmas one year.


Another pair of earrings salvaged from my Grandma Clark’s collection.



I received this little brown stone necklace from my mom as a gift many years ago.


This necklace is one of the very few pieces of jewelry I have bought myself. The only sentimental value it holds is that when the two metal charms bang together it sounds just like Danny’s dog collar (our favorite dog while growing up). Super weird that it reminds me of him. But to make it less weird, I didn’t know that when I bought it!


This is a freshwater pearl necklace given to me as a gift from my Grandma Allred. It’s so delicate and beautiful.




This necklace I made myself out of black stone from a beading kit I bought for a Sister’s Night Out when my youngest sister was getting married.  

And finally, La Piece de Resistance!! When Rob and I were ring shopping I was sorely disappointed with the selection in the stores. Everything looked the same! I wanted something beautiful and unique. I’ve always wanted a diamond band for my wedding ring and one day remembered that my Grandma Clark had given me a large, diamond-clustered ring that I had in my safe deposit box. We had the diamonds cleaned and appraised and were excited to hear that they were in great condition! A couple of my friends from work had told me about Rocky Mountain Diamond Company and Rob and I set out to design my perfect wedding ring. I was and still am THRILLED with the result. It sparkles like crazy, has a lot of sentimental value to it, no one else has a ring just like it, and I get compliments on it ALL the time.

One thought on “Jules’ Jewels

  1. Julie, you have a very pretty collection. I didn't know you liked jewelry. Most young people have such a different taste.

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