My Family

I forgot to blog a bunch of pictures from December. They are mostly some fun pictures taken around the house but a few of them were taken on a white seamless background. I hope you enjoy them. 

I love the image above so much.  Julie and Madeleine have the same look and it’s just too cute.

I love the curls in Madeleine’s hair and the intimate mother daughter moment I was able to capture. So cute.

Madeleine thought is was really funny to wear her gloves on her feet!  I agree and it totally works for her.

After falling down she decided just to hang around for a while!

Madeleine doesn’t always appreciate fatherly affection.  In fact, she usually doesn’t want any of it.  🙂

Nate was so fascinated with the lines on his body when I showed him this image.  He is a total stud.

I left this one in color to make it easier to make out what is going on here.  Nate is obsessed with motocross, ramps, jumps, and everything else with the potential to launch people and random objects into the air.  This is one of the many modifications to his train table that allows him to make a good ramp for his cars.  He’ll also use random objects like the rug, waves on the blanket, chairs, and even grinds his cars on the edges of large bowls. you want to see more visit December’s gallery.

2 thoughts on “My Family

  1. Madeline is the cutest little girl. The picture with her Dad is so precious. I think you could win a price with that.

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