Okay, yes, I’m (Julie) a skeptical person.

  • I re-signed up for Netflix and spent forever creating my settings. I went through a whole long process of categorizing my preferences for movies with “coming of age”, “apocalyptic events”, and even “monkeys”. But why can I NOT categorize by MPAA Ratings and/or critic/viewer ratings???!!!!! All I want is to be able to see a list of movies up to PG-13 with 3 stars and above. A completely obvious search filter. But it’s impossible. GRRRRR!!!!! Netflix totally lost my trust because of this flaw (which I’m sure must have been on purpose since it’s so completely lame). If anyone knows a trick, let me know PLEASE.
  • Fake food. Plumped chicken (meaning the saline solution that is syringed into whole and pieced chicken to make it more juicy just makes it taste more fake). I even had one so bad from Sam’s Club that after being in the fridge, the rotisserie chicken had bands of gelatinous goo marbled throughout it’s body. Gross! I’m not even going to mention the reconstituted chicken powder with rib meat that makes up virtually all frozen and pre-made chicken meals. I also heard on the news that most hamburger patties are made of cow scraps from up to 8 countries. Just give me some real food, please…except for funyuns…
  • SYTYCD judges. They really don’t give enough props to the technically excellent dancers, only the dancers with the biggest smiles. For example, they tell one guy over and over again, “You’re the best dancer we’ve ever had in the history of the show.” Except they say it in such a nonchalant way it seems more like they’re downplaying his talent instead of commending him. Then the dancer who really is not that great but has a beaming face gets poured upon with compliments. What?  
  • Hallmark ecards. They used to all be free and now only the lamest of them are. I hate it when it says “Your ecard is loading” and in the meantime they show me an annoying ad for their products. My questions are: Why doesn’t the ad need loading? And why does it still take 5 seconds for my ecard to show up even after supposedly loading while the ad was playing?
  • It’s just too convenient for the cell phone companies that our phones seem to act up and break right before the 2-year contract is about to expire. So instead of enjoying a low-rate, non-contract for a while, we have to sign up for 2 more years at a higher monthly rate just so we can replace our dying phones without forking out $250 each.

2 thoughts on “Skepticism

  1. This sure is terrible about the chickens and meat and what they mix in with the hamburgers (I never eat them or much of the other meats.) I didn't know cell phones were that expensive after 2 years. I think mine will be 2 yrs. soon. I remember the Hallmark ecards and wondered what happened to them. They just disappeared. I think evryone is trying to hook us and then turn the cards on us. Maria.

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