Johnny Lingo!

Remember when wards and stakes put on insane productions, skits, and plays?  My parents ward put on a version of Johnny Lingo.  For some inconceivable reason I was cast as Johnny without even volunteering!  So if you want to see me and several other friends dancing, singing, and pretending to be Polynesian then view the three videos below at your own risk!  My parents are both in it too!  I am not to be held responsible.  If you’d like to download the video visit the gallery here.  Hover over the video in the gallery and you’ll see a save movie option.

3 thoughts on “Johnny Lingo!

  1. So.many.things I could say.

    Don't be jealous girls! Johnny is allll mine!

    (And what's with the suspicious-looking juicer?? Looks like something found at a frat party.)

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