Drums, Drums, Drums

Our local church ward was recently scouting for talent by holding a ward talent show.  I tried to get a band together for the event but was unsuccessful because of the schedule of the band members.  Last year we had so much fun (See a couple of pictures about it at last year’s talent show).  So Nate and I decided to play the drums for our talent! 

Earlier in the day we set up the drums in the living room (not enough room to have them set up all the time) and I decided to try a self-portrait with the drums. I used three strobes to make this shot.  One camera right with a beauty dish (lighting me and the side of the drums, one camera left (lighting the other side of the drums), and one just slightly camera left with a snoot (this one is only illuminating my face). I took these in the middle of the afternoon and adjusted the exposure to knock out the ambient light (I didn’t really want it to look like I shot it in my small living room).   🙂   Ha, am I trying to look cool or what?!



This metal label is attached to each of my drums.  I thought it would look cool in a picture.


And here are my favorites of Nate!  I didn’t move the lights but changed the exposure to show a little more background.  The moment was fleeting so I took what I could get!




Nate is such a stud and loves it when we get out the drums!  Later that afternoon we set up the drums at the talent show.  Nate and I were scheduled to go first.  We were slightly worried that he would get scared to play in front of everyone.  He had so much fun!  After his first set (about 45 seconds) he told the announcer that he was going to do it again.  His face was so bright when everyone cheered for him!  The only problem is that we forgot our media gear.  No photos and no video.  😦  If anyone at the ward talent show got any shots of him please let us know.

Here is a link to the gallery where family can download the images.

2 thoughts on “Drums, Drums, Drums

  1. I love this shot! I like how the highlights pop off your drums and shirt. Very professional.

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