Guide to a Clean Closet

The other day I decided it was time to clean out and organize my hall closet. In said closet is a variety of items including coats, yoga mats, food storage, games, and color/craft items.

In case any of you are rusty on the proper way to clean a closet, here are my instructions, pictures and all.

1-Take EVERYTHING out of the closet and place on the floor within reach of an 18-month-old and a 3-year-old.

Mess 3

2-Vacuum up 2 dead spiders.

3-Check expiration dates on food before placing them back on the shelves in an organized-by-date manner.

4-Get sick to your stomach because of all the wasted, expired food.

Mess 8

5-Come up with a plan to use 1/2 of the wasted, expired food by the end of the week without literally getting sick to your stomach.

6-Make an oath to never let food (and money) go in the trash again.

7-Take pictures of the fun the kids were having with the coloring/craft items while you were working on the food storage.

Mess 6 

Mess 7

8-Laugh when your son says he was decorating for a birthday party.

Mess 2

Mess 4

9-Try to get the kids to help you clean up the mess they made.

10-Give up and pick up each and every sticker, piece of paper, and crayon strewn about the entire downstairs by yourself. Note: You may as well skip step #8.

Mess 1

11-Show your husband the pictures to a) prove that you really do work extremely hard raising his crazy children and trying to keep a nice home; and b) show that there really is a reason for your insanity.

Mess 5

12-Finished! Reap the rewards of a non-dangerous closet.

Mess 9

Estimated Time to Completion: Only 3 hours.

Easy as pie.

6 thoughts on “Guide to a Clean Closet

  1. No big deal right? It is amazing how kiddos make what seems to be a simple task a lot more work. 🙂


  2. Oh you poor, brave, patient thing! I admire your positive attitude in this post. And I love that you took a photo just to prove to Rob what you have to go through! Oh the number of times I've doen that for Dan! haha!

  3. I think a person can detect a lot about other people cleaning out their closet. Ha. Julie you have to write and tell me if you four (at least the two grown ups) are vegetarian. More about this later. Love, Maria.

  4. At least it made for a very entertaining post. I'm impressed you decided to clean the closet at all. I pretty much stick to cleaning the places that someone might see.

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