Birthday Week

Rob’s started a tradition in our family called birthday week. You know how you get kind of pampered and given some slack when it’s your birthday? Well, Rob’s decided to extend the pampering and slack for an entire week. I’m sure he started this because it allows him to get away with more without getting flack from me, but I’m starting to catch on and take advantage of it myself. It’s great!

This is what my birthday week entailed:

  • Going to Lagoon without the kiddies. I’ve been wanting to do this for years now. It was the perfect, fun day.
  • Unfortunately, the next morning I got sick and was in bed for the next 2 days. This meant I missed my family get-together at Cowabunga Bay where we were supposed to celebrate my birthday. Sad!
  • Since I missed the party, my mom and sisters surprised me with take-out and a night in watching the SYTYCD finale. My mom made my requested chocolate cream pie and I opened presents. It was great doing something with just the girls. I might have to make that an annual event.
  • I’ve been eyeing airfare to Pennsylvania for a long time now. My grandmother lives there and although she sends the kids birthday and Christmas gifts, she’s never met them or Rob. I caught the fare at $99 and Rob said I could grab it!! It was my birthday week, after all. You have no idea how happy this made me! We’re going the end of October.  
  • Nate, Rob, and Madeleine made me an awesome card with Spiderman inside.
  • I got to sleep in.
  • Rob helped me color my hair.
  • I requested a quiet night in with Rob after the kids went to bed. I rented a chick-flick and ordered THE BEST gyros from University Broiler and Grill. It was very nice.
  • I got a free Coldstone.
  • Had a party with Rob’s family celebrating mine and his brother’s birthday. The dinner was great and so were the gifts.
  • I got a lot of Happy Birthday wishes from friends and family. It made me really happy.

Thanks everyone!! Can’t wait ‘til next year!!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Week

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY – that sounds like a great tradition, and good find on the air fare – it sound like a great trip

  2. I like that tradition! We do that too but its kindof an unsaid rule. “well, my birthday is this week…SOOO… Can you do the laundry…put the kids to bed…make dinner?” HA! Its so great!!! Glad you have fun!

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