Nate 3.75

My hair can get a little shaggy when I let it grow too long.  In that shaggy state it is not uncommon for me to experience a little bed-head on Saturday mornings.  Some times this lasts in to the afternoon before I finally get around to showering.   Yesterday, while Julie was cutting my hair, Nate noticed my bed-head and asked…..  get ready for this….. he asked if I had some pee in my hair that was making it stick up!  Wow, I’m not sure how that train of thought came to fruition. 

Nate’s alter ego, Spiderman is very active in our home.  Sometimes I get to team up with him to fight the imaginary bad guys that have infiltrated our home and sometimes I get to be the super-strong bad guy.  I think I make a really good bad guy!  Nate usually wins by using his super strong muscles.  🙂  Nate has two pairs of Spiderman pajamas that get much more use during the day than at night.  If he could wear them everyday and all day long I know he would.

In the last couple of months Nate has finally started to like music.  In the past, Nate always asked me to turn off the music.  If I showed reluctance, he would take matters into his own hands and turn it off himself.  As you can imagine this was very stressful for a guy that likes music as much as I do.  What changed then?  Earlier this summer we took the kids to the Ogden Arts Festival where some live music was being played.  We sat down near the old fountain and listened to the music for a while.  The band wasn’t too bad and Nate was completely enthralled by the experience.  He liked the guy playing the guitar the most and asked if he could learn to play the “loud” guitar when he gets big.  So this was really exciting.  Now Nate loves to listen to music on one condition.  It must be “fast” music with electric guitar!  Some of his favorites right now are Aerosmith and Relient K.

Just the other evening Nate and I were chilling downstairs.  Madeleine was asleep and Julie was out doing some fun stuff on her own.  Nate randomly announced that he had a baby in his belly.  Smiling, I asked why he thought he had a baby in his belly.  With all the confidence in the world he stated that he knew he had a baby in his belly because his belly was big.  🙂  I explained that only mommy’s could have babies.  I think that conversation is just going to get more and more detailed as time goes on.  Ha. 

One of Nate’s classic laughing looks.  This is the laugh that is totally infections!  🙂

Here is a shot with Nate and me.  I love that kid so much.  I look back on what we have done together so far and also look forward to all the thing’s will do together.  Our family rocks.

I am one proud father.  Stay tuned for a similar post about little Madeleine.  She has also surprised me a little as of late.  🙂  All these photos can be found in this gallery on our website.

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