Fixing A Bike

I have such great memories of fixing my bike as a kid.  It seemed that there was always something that needed to be tweaked.  I needed to change a flat, my seat was crooked, or took off and replaced whatever for fun.  Back in May we needed to change the seat height on Nate’s bike so we grabbed a box of wrenches and went out back.  To say the kids enjoyed working on the bike is an enormous understatement.  They worked on it forever and as you can see they had a blast.  🙂  The kids are amazing and Julie and I love them so much.  There are a few more images in the photo gallery for May if you want to check them out. 

2 thoughts on “Fixing A Bike

  1. Those are two cute little, busy beavers. It really looks like they are having fun.
    (Julie, I wont probably be able to write the rest of this week. Having two procedures done that were in the making for some time. Nothing new) More Later. Love Maria.

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