Rob: The Master


In honor of Rob being gone for the next few days hiking King’s Peak, I’m posting his graduation pictures taken…uh…almost 3 months ago.

He finished the work for his Master of Science in Engineering degree last August, but commencement wasn’t until May. Man, can I just say how BLESSED we are to have him done?! It’s a long, long, road. I remember sitting with him on the floor of his parent’s house before we were married planning this educational road. 5 years? 5 YEARS?! Well, 6 years, 2 kids, and thousands (and thousands) of dollars later, he did it.

Next up, his Professional Engineering Certification next spring.


Rob has been working for URS in Murray for a couple of years now and loves it. He is a staff geotechnical engineer and specializes in seismicity. He loves the work and he loves the people. We’re very grateful for the stability and ethic this company employs.

I’m very proud of Rob for working incredibly hard. He’s a smart cookie and I’m happy that he is able to have a career that fulfills him, stretches him, and makes him happy.

Congrats, Rob! I love you!

You can see a few more pictures of Rob’s big day here.

4 thoughts on “Rob: The Master

  1. Congrats Rob, Out of all our friends who would have thought you and I would be the ones earning Masters degrees.

  2. Congatulation's Robby we are so proud of you. Masters it is a wonderful accomplishment. This has been a shared effort. Both you and Julie graduating at the same time with you undergraduate work and having Nathan and then Madeleine. Two beautiful children. Julie completing her degree without having set foot on the USU campus until graduation day. It boggles the mind. What a balancing act. It has been a great example of dedication and hard work. We are looking forward to see what the future holds for your young family. What a great launch.
    We love all of you and are so proud. Mom & Dad.

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