15 Questions for Julie

Do you dance crazy when no one is looking?

I dance crazy when my kids and husband are watching, but don’t dance at all when no one is looking. What’s the fun in that?

Do you like to sing in the shower?

Not out loud but I constantly have songs stuck in my head and it seems to happen most often while in the shower.

What is the one, single food that you would never give up?

Ice cream. I have it almost every single day. Baaaaaad Julie.

What is your weirdest “quirk”?

Freaking out about my throat drying up before I fall asleep. I HAVE to have a glass of water next to the bed and I HAVE to take a gulp RIGHT before I lay my head on the pillow and then swallow AFTER I get comfortable so I can limit the possibility of needing another drink before I fall asleep. I won’t even talk because that increases the odds. It’s pretty bad.

What do you think is the most useless class in high school?

Study skills. I guess some people need it, but who wants to study about studying??

Have you ever gambled at a casino?

I’ve been tempted but no.

Where did you go on your first airplane ride?

The St. Louis airport on a family trip to Nauvoo.

Last thing you bought?

A toilet seat, this time with plastic hinges. We had metal hinges and Nate’s “misses” corroded them so much that the whole thing broke apart yesterday. Pleasant.

Favorite Sundae topping?

Probably marshmallow. Kind of juvenile, huh?

If you don’t know the words to a song do you improvise?

Oh, yeah. I’d be the BIGGEST loser on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”. Rob makes fun of me for not knowing more than 5 words to every songs.

Favorite cheese?


If you weren’t in the profession you are, what would be your other dream profession and why?

A few things, actually. Obviously planning people’s vacations would be a really fun job for me. I’d love giving them amazing memories.

Or some kind of consumer advocate. I dislike so many of the business practices out there and it really irritates me when companies, government, etc. take advantage of people.

But maybe a business consultant. I have great ideas and love telling people what to do (hehehe) but I’m not that great at carrying out those ideas myself. Plus, consultants make a lot more money than my other two options. 

Can you remember your earliest childhood memory of happiness?

Running naked (except for shoes) two houses down to my great-grandma Clonts’ house where she fed me lucky charms. I was two or three.

Can you remember your earliest childhood memory of fear?

I was afraid of falling from the treehouse when I was three or four.

What is your perception of how people see you?

Quiet, somewhat smart, and boring.

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