Nate, Trucks, and Grandpa Snow


Oh, so much is going on with Nate.  He is learning so much and getting so smart!  Nate and I (rob) went camping last weekend and had such a blast together (more on this to come).  Nate also graduated up to a booster and now his sister is facing forward in his old car seat.  For some reason I’m amazed at this and somewhat taken aback. 

Nate with Phone

Back in March, Nate and I were goofing around with his trucks and Grandpa Snow happened to call.  Well, Nate really enjoys talking on the phone and I just happened to have the camera gear out.  So there you go!  Doesn’t he look like a teenager?  Creepy.

Taking to Grandpa

Fun with trucks. 

Nate's Trucks

3 thoughts on “Nate, Trucks, and Grandpa Snow

  1. You are right, he does look like a teenager on the phone. And hey Nate, I have to try and lay down like that too with the phone over my ear.

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