Happy Birthday to Me (Rob) :)

Coming off a great birthday weekend, I am feeling the love.  Having such a great family, friends, and coworkers makes the sting of turning 29 evaporate (Although my little sister did tell me to enjoy my last year of youth – 29 is coming for you too little sister!).  We had a combined March birthday party on both sides of the family.  We had so much fun at both parties!  I’m going out to lunch with my coworkers tomorrow which should be a lot of fun.

Julie surprised me with a fine evening of ballroom & swing dancing with a live 16 member orchestra/band (The Junction City Band)!  We took a lesson before the show and learned the fox trot.  We had such an amazing time and really enjoyed the romance and passion that dancing provides.  Julie is hot stuff on the dance floor!  The Junction City Band plays often so we’ll be attending another dance soon! 

As far as gifts go I really made out like a bandit. I’m going to talk about the gifts here; however, I’m not going to name the givers of the gifts for political reasons.  🙂

Mae concerts tickets – I can’t express how excited I am about this concert!
Light stand bag – A nice bag made by LightWare – Awesome!
Hot Shoe Diaries, by Joe McNally – This book is amazing and I’m learning a ton about speedlight photography!
Remote Trigger for our camera – I’ve got a lot of great ideas for this!  Photos coming soon!
Sennnheiser DJ headphones – Oh man, I can’t express the sweetness, oh the sweetness of the sound!
Batman Begins DVD – Completes my Batman Collection, oh yeah.
Nice Sony DVD Player – We had a clunker of a DVD player and this one has all the nice features!  Such a nice change.

Thanks to everyone!  A ton of people wished me well on facebook which was very nice.  I had an awesome birthday thanks to all of you!  Very special thanks to Julie and the kids for making me the happiest husband and father on the planet!  I feel very loved. 

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me (Rob) :)

  1. ya, my 29th birthday is coming but not for another 6 years:)I am glad that you had a fun birthday. I love that Julie took you dancing! What a great idea!

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