What Are We Up To?

I thought I’d share a few things that we’ve been up to lately. Good times.

Rob’s the Young Men’s President now and he really enjoys it. He works with great men who also work hard in their callings and the boys are great. He’s excited for High Adventure this July when they will be hiking up King’s Peak for a week. Me? Not all that excited for it…wish I were going…

Nate is almost totally potty trained!!! YAY!!! We have a little more practice with him going at places other than home. But when he’s here, he’s almost 100%, even over night!! I usually don’t even have to remind him to go. He just does it on his own. Such a stud. One gripe, why do the underwear makers put the pictures of Cars, Thomas, etc. on the back of the underwear instead of the front??? Nate insists on wearing his underwear backwards so he can see the characters. This presents him with a perpetual wedgy.

Speaking of potty stuff, we can now call Miss Madeleine “Poo Face” (but we won’t). She is a chronic bum scratcher. Every time she has a chance, she has her hand down the back of her diaper scratching. I guess you can see where this is going. I went in her bedroom to get her this morning and she had poo all over her face. Gross!

Last night we had the Lingwall’s over for dinner. We’d been trying to get together for, like, 28 emails. But we finally pulled it off. Tonight we’re having Rob’s sister and her family over for dinner. Last Friday we went bowling with my sister and her husband. Rob won both games by quite a bit but the rest of us were pretty close. Wednesday we’re probably going to Tracy Aviary with some friends, sometime this week we have a March birthday party with Rob’s family, and I have a playgroup on Thursday. It’s so great to be surrounded by family and friends! It just makes me feel good.

Tomorrow night for Pack Meeting I’m presenting an Arrow of Light award with a ceremony. There hasn’t been one given in our ward in recent memory so I have no precedence to follow. Should be fun. Hope I can pull it off.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I hope everyone has a GREAT day!!


One thought on “What Are We Up To?

  1. Mark must be a nice person from all the things I read by you about him. He is a very nice looking young man and his little daughter is cute and precious. I can imagine that everyone is very proud of him. Take care.

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