Foto Friday – Silhouette


This photo was taken at the Jensen Nature Park in Syracuse, Utah last month as the sun was trying to set. I really liked how the details of the plant (can’t remember what it’s called!) stood out against the beautiful sky. The clouds were parting in such an interesting way and I loved how it framed the shot.

In post-processing, I simply used a Lightroom preset which completely blackened out the foreground and brightened up the background while adding a vignette. Simple as that!

I’ve added two other pictures I took that evening to our Jensen Nature Park flickr set. They are “Double Barbed Wire” and “Thistle”.

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Silhouette

  1. Two names come to my mind, one is cattails and the other reef. It is a plant where water stands still or it can be seen in a swamp. I love that picture. You sure make some of thebest and you should keep them in a collection. (for later).

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