Can’t Sleep…so Photos

Rob Sleeping

The title pretty much explains it. It’s 2:18am and I (Julie) can’t sleep. I’m jealous of Rob. He can ALWAYS sleep. It takes him just a hair under 20 seconds to enter dreamland. I was sleeping, but Nate woke me up twice crying. Before I went to bed I checked on the kids and noticed that Nate seemed to have a slight fever. I was right. We’ll see if he wakes up more tonight. I hope not. Poor kid.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos from…wait for it…last November and December.  Terrible, huh?! In our defense, I totally forgot they were taken.  That’s not much of a defense, is it?

Here are a few photos from Thanksgiving at Rob’s parent’s house. Both sets of grandparents are there along with an aunt, an uncle, and two cousins. Holidays are great for getting together with family.  I thought just the other day that I don’t think we’ve gotten together with either side of the family as a group since Christmas, even though we all live within 45 minutes of each other. Crazy! We need to do something about that.

Here are a few photos from a service project and scavenger hunt my mom put together for her grandkids. She decided that it was a good idea for them to buy toiletry items and put together hygiene kits for the Humanitarian Center instead of trading gifts. To make it even more fun, she made each of the kids (13?) a scavenger hunt. They went around the house looking for little gifts and goodies with messages pertaining to the reason for Christmas. It was a good time and a big thanks to my mom for coming up with such an enjoyable and thoughtful activity.

Here are three random pictures

And finally, a few funny pictures of Rob as a preteen.

Now it’s 2:51am and maybe I’ll be able to fall asleep.

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