A collection of random thoughts and happenings of the day thus far.

I let Nate butter his toast. When I came back and inspected it was covered with gobs of gross butter. As I was scraping it off I told him that much butter would hurt his belly. When I gave it back to him, in a sad voice, he said, “Oohhhh. Butttttterrrrrr. The butter’s all gone.”

Rob has a friend from high school who is an interior designer. We bartered our photography services her her design services. She’s stopping by in the morning and I’m so nervous! She’s a very honest 😉 professional and will be critiquing my home. Makes me a little sick to my stomach.

I’m planning our road trip to Tucson for Rob’s cousin’s wedding at the end of March. I’m SO excited to take to scenic route along scenic byway 12 and visit some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. There are so many places to see and so little time.  I’m trying to choose the highlights and where to camp.

Better do my write-up for Foto Friday. I have a picture chosen, but I’m not sure what I’m going to say about it, yet.

Cub Scout Blue & Gold banquet is next Tuesday. I need to make phone calls and gather some info about each of the boys. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s making phone calls. I will procrastinate it for as long as possible.

Madeleine still only has 2 teeth. She’ll be 1 next month. I’d love to give her more people food and stop hand-feeding her baby food. 

I REALLY need to get to the gym tonight. I’ve been wanting to go to “Yoga Tone” on Thursday nights for weeks now but something always comes up.

I wonder what I should do for dinner. I was planning on BBQ chicken pizza.  Then I realized we’re out of BBQ sauce. I looked for a recipe online and it takes more effort to make than I’m willing to expend. The other option is Cheesy Potato Soup.  Hmmmm. That takes effort, too…

I can finally breathe again today. I’ve had a cold since Valentine’s Day.

I can’t wait to get my storage closet cleaned out and organized. I got a new file cabinet but can’t get into the closet to put away all the piles of paper from on my teeny desk in my teeny “office” on the landing at the top of our stairs.

I need to clean the bedrooms today. They’re too messy to play in.

The Office is on tonight and I’ll miss it since I’ll be at the gym. Will have to watch in online. Wondering if I can tonight or have to wait until tomorrow. Nevermind. I just looked and it’s a re-run. I hate re-runs. I swear half the season is re-runs.

Nate and I made apple crisp.  I LOVE that he LOVES cooking and I LOVE spending that special one-on-one time with him.

Madeleine is SO CUTE!! She just walks around and around and around finding toys and books and keeps herself entertained very well.

Well, I guess that’s all for now.  Thanks for letting me get my thoughts straightened!

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2 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. How did it go with the interior decorator, Julie? Don't worry what she thinks because if you or everyone is so good you would not need a decorator.Tucson is your grand dads birthplace. It is a very beautiful town. It lookslike it is a long drive you have ahead. Might as well enjoy and see whateverthere is to see. Madeline and I should celebrate our birthdays together next month. I amglad you are over your cold. I am going to physical therapy now. I was sentto have an MRI and found out that my spine is a total mess with a bulgingdisk, arthritis and scolosis. I doubt if any of this will get better with the exercises.It's hard to move around but life goes on.How are your two grandmothers? Are they still with your Mom & Dad ? Takecare and best wishes to you, Rob and the children. Love, Grandma Maria.

  2. If you need to ask questions about my boys and don’t want to call, just e-mail me and I’ll respond right back. So driving to Tuscon? We did that in Oct-long drive but quite scenic, have fun. McCall only had 2 teeth for the longest time and so I just gave her regular food. It’s amazing how they can gum anything-she did really well with it. Love you randomness post-that’s how I feel sometimes, just random. Have a good one.

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