Trade Services?

We forgot to mention, we ARE willing to trade our photography services (or my travel planning services) for any special services you may be able to offer.  These might include (but not limited to) babysitting, painting, interior design services, event tickets, hair cutting, sewing or anything else that may be a good trade.

A good article relating to the subject:

“Trading What You Have for What You Need”

Let us know and we’ll try to work something out!

2 thoughts on “Trade Services?

  1. Hey Snow family, this comment is from your former ward member in Layton, Hyde brown. I love your website and your pics are awesome, your work is really good. Your kids are getting so big!!! I love the idea of trading what you have for what you need, if we were there I would probably trade my sewing skills and cake decorating for your photography services… oh well. glad to see that you guys are doing great. If you are interested in visiting my blog you can go to

  2. We just may have to take you up on this offer! We’re good at babysitting… and, um… well, babysitting…. yah, I guess that’s the only skill we can trade!

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